Basic Beliefs

  • Making disciples of all peoples is the commission for each generation
  • Other Believers, who are not of the House of Isra'el, are fully joined as "one new man" in our Messiah Y'SHUA
  • The First Covenant, even the Gospel According to Moshe, is relevant and central to the Eternal Redemptive Plan of GOD. The New Covenant does not replace, improve nor diminish the First Covenant
  • Families are to teach children by loving, learning and living examples to support, attend, honor and respect GOD's Houses of Worship

Basic Beliefs

               Y'SHUA is GOD, Who is One. His Spirit dwells within us to Redeem and Restore us in Right Relationships for Life Eternal


               The Sacred Scripture Scrolls, GOD's Word, teaches right living rightly in workplaces and in relationships

                 Immersion is a public witness of obedience to spiritual new birth (t'shuvah), drawn by GOD's Spirit


                 Healing is GOD's Will

                 Loving GOD and Loving those with whom we become neighbor are the Central Commands for a true follower, hearer-doer of Messiah Y'SHUA

Rabbi Eukel at Missouri National Day of Prayer in Capital's Rotunda.