Nahar Zerach Kehilat River Rising Congregation of  Messiah Y'SHUA

Shabbat & Oneg

11am Worship & Torah Teaching Truth. Oneg follows @1pm-ish. Coordinate Oneg kosher food offerings with Rebbetzin.Toda!


Rabbi Eukel

A seasoned and vibrant Messianic Jew, our teacher's Shabbat message and mid-week Fountainhead teaching are divinely designed. Come, See & Hear.  HaShem's Torah Teaching Truth areIntentional Intersections. The Ancient Wisdom is still relevant in the 21st century! Taste & See. ADONAI is Good!  

Worship. Teaching. Healing. Fellowship.

Love GOD.         Love people.

A Kehilat of JEWS & Gentiles

541 Country Lane ~ Mount Vernon (Lawrence County) Missouri 65712.1985 PH#: 417.366.2428


Wednesday 6:00-7:45 pm TeachingThe Gospel According to Moshe. Bring Scriptures, Fountainhead Notebook, Pen, Finger Snacks, Drinks & Happy Energy.

Community Service

Thursday Noon Prayer on the Square

Erev Shabbat

Evening of Sabbath. Link to weekly Kindling of Lights, 18 minutes before sunset.